Learn What’s New in the Trimble Connect Application Suite

This page provides an overview of the latest additions and improvements to the Connect application suite. Please contact our support team (connect-support@trimble.com) with any questions!

Connect for Mobile (R2.6)

New Features

The latest update of the Connect mobile client introduces a significant number of new features and enhancements. Take a look, try it out and let us know how you like using the app!

Large Coordinate Support

In order to render the models that are created in a large coordinate space, an offset will now be applied to the model coordinates to place the model as close as possible to the origin while rendering.

The offset value will be calculated during Mobile 3D view format (F3D) assimilation. Once the F3D converter responsible for this calculation is updated to the server, the assimilated F3D file will contain the offset value. When rendering the F3D files, calculated offset will be applied to the model and it will be rendered properly.

Visualizing Selected Object Properties

In 3D model viewer, the objects selected are displayed in a redesigned list panel above the bottom menu bar.

In the objects list, each of the objects is represented by its name and property. The property can be customized for display by choosing it from a list of options in the “Settings” menu.

Marking Properties as Favorites

You can now set any of the object properties as a favorite and apply a filter to only view the favorite properties. Favorite properties are stored on a per-user-per-device basis. Once you set a property as favorite, it will be reflected across all your projects on that device.

Automatic Sums for Favorite Properties

For objects with properties of similar types, values will be summed up and displayed.

If the selected objects have summable values for favorited properties, the values of those properties are summed up and listed under “Sum” menu.

Visualizing Views Created with Hierarchical Objects

Views that are created from other clients using hierarchical objects, with their states/colors are now visualized correctly in TCM.

Object Links in Model Viewer

We are introducing the ability to visualize linked content that is attached to objects in the model viewer. Links will be displayed on top of the selected objects in model viewer.

You can also add/remove link targets for the objects within the links list page. In the object link details page, you can refresh the list to sync the latest link targets for that link.

Attach Existing Data, Create ToDo and URL as Links to Objects

You now have the ability to attach new URLs or existing files in a project to objects. You can also create new ToDo’s for objects selected in the model viewer. Depending on the link type, you can create the appropriate link targets to model objects.

Team Page - Company Mail Listing

This version of Connect for Mobile introduces the ability to invite members to a project. You can search through the list of email addresses belonging to a company to find the person you want to add to your project.

Todo Details Screen - New UX

The Todo details screen is updated to make it easier to use. When creating a new ToDo, you will only see the mandatory fields, which are Title and Description. Other fields like Priority, Assignee and Type will be minimized under “More Options” and the ability to add attachments is made more prominent.

The layout of text entry fields like Title, Description, Type and Completion Percentage is changed so that you don’t have to navigate to a next screen to complete these.

The “Assignee” section is redesigned to include a user thumbnail image, along with the name. The Priority Selection Page now has colored representations based on the type of priority (Low, Normal, High and Critical).

The “Attachments” section is redesigned so that all the attachments are now displayed in a single list with an icon representing the type of attachment (Image, File, Views). The comments section is updated to prominently show the author of the comment.

Text entry fields such as Title, Description, Type fields and Comments are automatically limited to a maximum of four lines to accommodate more information for easy viewing.

Automatic saving of ToDos is supported through live-edit of any of the fields, and this is reflected in the UI by a ‘save’ indicator animation.

The Attachments and Comments section can be expanded and minimized.

A new info section is added to capture information like “Created By”, “Last Modified By”, and “Last Modified Date”.

Lastly, the Assignee selection screen is updated for a clear separation between project team Members and User Groups.


Easy Download

A new selection bar is presented when selecting files in the data list. You can now launch the selected files in a single tap using the “Launch” button. If there are any non-downloaded files in the selection, they will be downloaded and launched.

You can also cancel all of the ongoing downloads with a single tap on the “Cancel Download” option.

Show/Hide Multiple Models

It is possible for models to have common objects, that is: objects with same global IDs. You will be able to launch these models together and set the visibility for each of the models. The visibility set for one model will not affect the other model in the viewer.

Team Invite - Usability Improvements

You can now add Email IDs to be invited in the “User Invite” page. Emails are shown in the UI after addition.

You can also edit the e-mail addresses and access a listing of company email addresses by tapping the company icon on the right side of email field.

Team List - Usability Improvements

The Project Members tab in the project page has been redesigned. Project Members and Groups are now separated.

User Details - Phone & Time Zone Preferences

Phone number and Time Zone fields have been added in the User Details page, which can be accessed from the Team List screen.

Connect Platform (R2.75)

Centralized User Information

User information is no longer stored in the Connect application. All the necessary details for a user are managed through Trimble’s new centralized user information service. This change does not have any impacts for you as an end user.

Minimal user information will be maintained when a new user is invited as part of project.

Migration to Trimble Data Services Cloud Infrastructure

We are continuing our migration of core platform services to the Trimble Data Services cloud infrastructure. For this release, model assimilation (for 3D viewing in Connect client applications) and clash detection were completed.